Simplicity and power in one.

Working with various content management systems, we came to the conclussion, that they are not sufficient in the bucket of Customer needs. We decided to release own solution, dedicated either for efficient or easy management of website. We have set an ambitious goal: to create tool, which is easy to understand without any extra hours, which provide huge capabilities. The resultant of components is innovative content management system called Interfeo CMS

This is really Easy!


Intuitive interface


Advanced and the most specific.


Ability of extending features in easy way.

that's not all...

Basic Features

There is too many, so we present only primary.



Navigation management

Language versions

Slider management

Content categorization

and users management


Photo gallery

WYSIWYG editor

FAQ system

Glossary data

and that's not all...

Optimized for mobile devices

Your customers will be enchanted of website well looked on mobile devices.

100% RWD

Websites and apllications proposed by us are done in Responsive Web Design technology.

Support for Retina

We support Retina based screen devices.

Mayhap mobile application?

Certain web solutions are not sufficient for mobile devices. Therefore we propose realization of mobile applications.